Courses TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

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Training and assessment is conducted at the employers worksite.

Course ID: TLI31616

Program summary

This qualification is sufficiently flexible to be applicable in most warehousing environments.

NTS has structured this qualification to provide training and assessment that enables an employer to standardise the current skill level within their company in regard to safety, quality, process operations within a lean culture and operating environment.

Workplace Improvement Projects undertaken by participants are designed to generate cost and efficiency gains for the employer.

This qualification is normally offered in conjunction with one other qualification depending on the requirements of each company and its workforce. The qualification offered in conjunction with FBP30117 Certificate IV in Food Processing is:

  • MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices

Delivery Structure

The program is structured into 4 clusters of related and complimentary units. The units and activities within each cluster are structured as follows:

  • Clusters 1 and 2 - Planning, preparation, review, discovery and research
  • Cluster 3 – Workplace improvement projects launched and implemented
  • Cluster 4 – Implementation and consolidation of workplace improvement projects followed by measurement, review, evaluation and reflection

Who is it for

All participants must be currently employed in the warehousing and storage industry. This program is suitable for employees working in warehousing and/or storage companies where their roles require the application of industry specific skills and knowledge across a range of processes including some technical and problem-solving ability. It caters for multi-skilled outcomes.

Typically, this cohort will have general warehousing and storage experience and hold job roles in the following specialist areas:

  • Stock Handler
  • Order processing
  • General Warehouse staff
  • Cold Store Operator
  • Postal Officer
  • Warehouse Operator

This qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a level of responsibility already exists. This qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school.

Entry requirements

There are no mandated prerequisite qualification requirements for entry into TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations. However, National Training Services offers these qualifications as a work-based training and assessment program and therefore participants must be employed in a suitable warehousing company to enter into this qualification. Additionally, participants will need to have the support of their employer to undertake the training and assessment program over a period of approximately 14 months. This program is only provided as a traineeship course under the Skills First program.

The TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations qualification is suitable for workers employed in the warehousing and storage industry and will typically require operational skills such as following routines, methods and procedures; and the ability to select standard equipment, services or contingency measures within known constraints.


After completion of this qualification a student may choose a higher level qualification in the Transport and Logistics training package. For example TLI42016 Certificate IV in Logistics

This qualification is offered by National Training Services.


Upon successful completion of all components of the course, a nationally recognised qualification, TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations will be issued.


The qualification normally takes 14 months to complete.

Completion Requirements - TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

Nineteen units must be completed. The 19 units are comprised of:

  • Three (3) core units of competency plus
  • Sixteen (16) general elective units from the general elective units listed for the qualification

Up to 3 of the general elective units may be selected from any relevant nationally endorsed Training Package or accredited course. The general elective units must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification. Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all pre-requisite units specified are compiled with

Time commitment

All requirements for the course are undertaken in the workplace. Time release from usual work duties is negotiated with the employerby the trainer. Training and assessment activities undertaken in the workplace include:

  • Training sessions
  • Project planning, implementation and presentation
  • Skills development


Assessment consists of written or verbal assessment of understanding of competitive systems and practices techniques and tools; workplace observation by the trainer; and project presentations reviewed by the trainer and workplace management.

Government Funding

For eligible students training is delivered with Victorian Government funding.

National Training Services (RTO21254) can access Victorian Government funding for this qualification through the Skills first funding program. To enquire about your eligibility for State Government funding contact National Training Services on 03 9988 7948 during office hours.

Tuition Fees

Students who are eligible for Victorian Skills First Funding will pay no tuition fees. Students not eligible for Victorian Skills First Funding may be required to pay a fee. Contact National Training Services on 03 9988 7948 during office hours for more details.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Follow this link to access information about compliance with regulatory information including student information; complaints and appeals processes and forms; support services; and privacy arrangements.

NTS Compliance Information

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